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R4 is the flash cart used for playing in Nintendo DS or DS Lite gaming console. Another version, the R4 DSi XL, is among the most famous cards in the market. You can look them up at online stores to see if there are any affordable offers for R4 DS. Always consult your budget to avoid problems in the future. Before you buy an R4 DS, make sure to ask the salesman or online store if it works with a Nintendo DS Lite. This card has to partner up with micro SD card, but you can choose a card based on the storage capacity that you need. There are micro SD cards that have 1GB or 2GB as storage space. Pick the one that cater to your needs the most and suit your budget as well. There are already available micro DS memory cards priced at $6 to $20 - buy at R4 Shop.com .

r4i card dsi

You can save multiple games on your R4i Card. Some of the games to choose from are Pokemon, Super Mario, and many other games. These can be downloaded from many websites. There are some websites where you can download DS games for free while others will ask you to pay for them. When you buy your R4 DS, it is usually packed in a box together with a USB cable, micro SD memory card, USB adapter and the R4 DSi XL. The card can be easily used with the Nintendo DS. Insert the micro SD memory card to the memory card reader first. Connect the USB adaptor to the computer to connect the memory card reader to the PC. On your computer, click on “My Computer” and go to the removable disc, which is where you can find the contents of your USB adapter. Load the disc containing the R4i DSi Nintendo to your computer. Copy and save the files from the disc to the memory card. Start downloading the games that you want to play on your console.

R4i card 3dsIf you want to start playing on your gaming console, turn the device on first. Insert the R4 DS to the console to start having fun. To ensure nonstop entertainment, insert the micro SD card to the slot-1 of your DS. If you also feel like playing homebrew games and using homebrew applications, you can find these online. The R4 DS can help you more than just let you play games. It can offer more entertainment because you can play your MP3 files, read novels and eBooks, and watch movies and episodes of TV shows.

R4i DSi Flash Card are available under different brands sold in the market now. You can choose between buying branded ones with high quality and those made by local manufacturers. Another thing that you should know when shopping for flash carts is that they don’t have internal memory. You need a memory card if you want to provide storage space for your games, apps, movies, music and eBooks. The Internet is a rich source of dealers of R4 DS XL DS. You can also find several online stores which offer good deals on a package with R4 Card and micro SD memory card. The R4 card is another DS accessory where you can save backup files of all the games that you have bought. The said flash card is available in two versions on the market – R4 for use in Nintendo DS and DS Lite and R4i for use in Nintendo DSi Lite.

NO$GBA ROM files can be saved to the R4 card easily. Just find a micro SD memory card. You can connect this memory card to your computer if you put it in a memory card reader. Plug the card reader to the computer, download the software, and copy it to the computer and then to your memory card. If you are still puzzled about how to go through with this process, visit YouTube to watch the video tutorials.

If you decide to buy an R4 3DS card, it would be more practical to buy the card together with a micro SD memory card. This will help you use your DS console immediately.

Aside from playing DS games, you can also use your R4 card to store and play music files, watch videos, read TXT files and eBooks, and play homebrews. Start playing on your DS after downloading games and saving them to your micro SD memory card.

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